Keep warm with our fitness classes!

As the warmer evenings are sadly a thing of the past, many of us don’t enjoy a late-night run as we once did. However, that doesn’t mean you have to return to the dark and gloomy gym to stay fit this Autumn because our Fitness classes are here to save the day!

Remove the dreaded drive to the gym, and be energised and excited for hour-long fitness classes with our qualified instructors at Flux! Running every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7-8pm, as well as every Wednesday from 12-1pm, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to get fit in an environment unlike anything else in Ipswich. Designed and developed to get the most out of yourself and the trampolines, our circuit-style training allows for each part of your body to be worked, pushing yourself to the limit, while laughing with your friends and the Flux team.

Without the impact normally received while running or working out, trampolines provide support and comfort for joints with low-impact exercise, as well as burning three times as many calories as jogging. Our classes also provide an opportunity to bring along friends and enjoy exercise; something you might have thought impossible, especially in the colder evenings.

If you would like to replace your outdoor summer workouts with something as enjoyable, then find out more about Flux Fit! For just £7.50 per session or £29 for a monthly pass – working out at just over £2 per session if you attend all classes –  you can try a new form of exercise that will make you want to come back again! If you have any other questions concerning our classes or would like to book, email us at