Warm up this winter and get fit!

In 2017 around 39% of UK adults – approximately 20 million people – are failing to meet Government recommendations for physical activity, with over 2 million of these in the South East of England, showing that there’s plenty of room for improvement from us all.

From not having enough time to no access to facilities, there are plenty of reasons why many choose not to exercise on a regular basis, but most commonly, we hear people just don’t enjoy it or don’t want to leave the comfort of their house to exercise.

That’s where we come in! At Flux Fit, we have worked hard to design a fitness class that offers something different, but equally as effective as the other exercise choices out there. By carrying out trial sessions last year, we understood the needs and wants from our attendees, and have adjusted our sessions to ensure everyone gets something out of them. Most importantly, we have made sure they are attractive to you, and what doesn’t sound fun about getting fit while bouncing around with your friends?

Our circuit-style training sessions allow anyone and everyone the chance to partake in an array of physical activities, without the impact of other cardiovascular fitness such as jogging. On top of that, by offering three sessions a week, a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7-8pm and a Wednesday lunchtime from 12-1pm, there are plenty of opportunities to attend at least once a week. By trying something new and increasing the level of physical activity you carry out, you can exclude yourself from those 2 million inactive people in our local area.

Find out more about our sessions and book online by reading our website, or email us at getintouch@fluxfreestyle.com where we are happy to answer any queries you may have.