See your toddler fly with Flux Toddlers!

Keep your little ones entertained and happy with the best toddler classes in town, Flux Toddlers.

By understanding how difficult it can be to think of new ideas to keep your little ones safely entertained when they’re so full of energy, we have designed the perfect answer.

Understanding the need for separate sessions to our standard freejump session, these classes are designed for those aged 1-5 to come along, with their parent/guardian, and interact with one another on our interconnected trampolines. On top of that, an array of soft play toys and favourite songs are played to make sure everyone enjoys their Flux experience. What may not be so well known is the long list of benefits trampolining has for young children, and how it is far more beneficial than you may have first thought.

Teaches persistence
Mastering the skill of trampolining does take time, but because it’s a fun activity, most children will persist until they conquer the moves.

Improves self-esteem
Succeeding in trying something new often brings along confidence and a happier child.

Improves flexibility
Jumping on a trampoline strengthens and lengthens muscles and improves flexibility.

Develop motor skills
By forcing their brain to function bilaterally as children jump on a trampoline, both sides of their brain and body work together to maintain coordination and balance; thus, increasing motor skills.

Improved posture
As the trampoline bed continually moves through the bouncing, children must be aware of their centre of gravity at all times. And this new skill helps improve balance in other activities too.

To find out more about our toddler sessions, and book yourself into one of our classes, take a read of our website. Additionally, you can call us on 01473 231426 to ask any further questions.