Autumn awesomeness day out at Flux Freestyle!

Keeping motivated during these colder times can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be a dreaded activity to get you up and going during autumn.

We all understand leaving the house when daylight is shorter and temperatures are lower can be difficult, but what if you were leaving home for Ipswich’s first and original trampoline park?

Whether it’s after school, after work or first thing on a Saturday morning, there is always something happening at Flux to make sure you keep moving and having fun during the autumn months. Our numerous interconnected trampolines allow for movement like you’ve never seen before, incorporating the moving block to show off your best moves. As well as that, you have the Wall to try something completely different and try reach the top while backdropping away, and of course, our airbag which allows for a run, jump and soft landing.

With varying sessions too, there truly is something for everyone at Flux, and we want to make sure you all get the most out of it. So, make sure you keep yourself busy this autumn, while partaking in an energetic and exciting activity with friends or family.

To get to know more about us and what we offer at Flux, read through our website, or contact us on today.