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See your toddler fly with Flux Toddlers!

Keep your little ones entertained and happy with the best toddler classes in town, Flux Toddlers. By understanding how difficult…
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Warm up this winter and get fit!

In 2017 around 39% of UK adults – approximately 20 million people – are failing to meet Government recommendations for…
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Family Day Out at Flux Freestyle in Ipswich!

Following the US trend of trampoline parks, where it has been a much-loved leisure activity for a family day out…
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£5 Off Your Next Jump During Shriek Week!

What’s better than celebrating the scariest time of the year at the jumpiest place in Ipswich, as well as receiving…
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(Free)style Birthday with a Flux Party!

Celebrating in style isn’t restricted to any age group, especially when you want to make it one to remember, surrounded…
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FREE Student Night at Flux Freestyle!

Meet new people, make new friends and try something new at Flux Freestyle’s Student night this October. Taking place on…
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